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About Us

Why Therapists for Black Girls?

We have over 20 therapists, all women of color, primarily Black women, who are trained, interested and suited to meet the needs of their community. 

We are currently expanding our scope of practice and growing in the populations we serve and represent and ensuring inclusion of service providers who are trained and experienced to work with LGBTQ+  folk. 

We have grown to include trained Life Coaches, Couples Therapists, Child and Adolescent Therapists, and a Hypnotherapist within our practice. 

We are aiming to continue to expand our service area to communities of color outside of New York State.  We are able to offer Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy to anyone in any state or country. Currently, we are solely licensed to provide therapy to NYS residents. 

We know that women and girls of color are some of the least likely people to access mental health services, despite dealing with more of the complicated issues that lead people to seek therapy. Whether Black, Latinx, Asian, or from another background, these girls and women do not get help from psychotherapists or counselors as often as necessary or as frequently as many other people. That lack of access causes a great deal of concern, and can lead to lasting struggles with issues like Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other serious concerns. Our goal is to provide high quality psychotherapy services to women and girls of color in order to help improve their overall well-being and mental health, and prevent the suffering that can happen when issues are not addressed.

Do we work with boys, men, white folk and other populations other than women of color?

Of course we do! We provide high quality psychotherapy, mediation and couples counseling services to anyone who comes through our doors. Because of the special issues that many women and girls of color face we do specifically outreach to them as we are highly qualified, interested and invested in servicing them.

How do you pay for services?

We accept both insurance and private payments. Shoot us an email to discuss rates and arrange an appointment. You can call and we will be happy to help you, but email is definitely the fastest route to answering those questions.

EMAIL us at [email protected]


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